About the Imbalie Training Academy

Imbalie Beauty is proud to announce that the group is embarking on an exciting new venture with the launch of the Imbalie Training Academy in March 2016.


“The beauty and wellness industry is virtually recession-proof as seen by our many salon clients that visit us as a vital part of their healthy lifestyles,” said Debbie Wolfendale, executive director of Imbalie Beauty.


The Imbalie Training Academy is built on the success and experience of the Imbalie Beauty Group. Imbalie Beauty’s expertise in the beauty, wellness, and training industry offers students a refreshing, one-of-a-kind approach to start or further develop their careers.


Over the course of the year, modular courses in the beauty, wellness, fitness, business, image consulting, and life coaching fields will be available at the Imbalie Training Academy.


We offer world-class, modular courses at affordable prices that can be done while you work or in your free time. The modular courses all have a credit value and can be accumulated towards a certified and accredited qualification.


We believe that our expertise in the beauty and training industry, combined with the extensive academic and practical training process, will help us reach our key objective to graduate confident, well-trained, skilled, success–orientated, and business savvy graduates. 


Make your DREAM a reality…


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Extensive Training Process

The Imbalie Training Academy distinguishes itself from other educational institutions by its extensive academic and practical training process, which is implemented and monitored by the top leaders in their prospective fields. This is done over four phases.


Phase 1

Our Theoretical Phase is taught via E-learning. This is an interactive, advanced technology which allows you, our learner, to work in your own time and at your own pace.


The lecture can be watched over and over until you fully grasp the content.


After successful completion of our online assessments, you will graduate to our next phase.


Phase 2

In the Practical Phase, you are taught and guided by an expert in the given field. Your trainer will not only impart their wisdom and experience on you but will help you develop the necessary skillset and confidence to pass onto the Incubation Phase.


Phase 3

The Incubation Phase is a unique component of the Imbalie Training Academy which gives you the opportunity to perfect your skills. You will be given the opportunity to work under the watchful eye of your mentor, who will help you gain valuable industry experience and prepare you for the working world. The Incubation Phase is essential for all our candidates.


Phase 4

Once you have successfully completed the Incubation Phase, you will enter the Job Preparation and Placement Phase. This phase will equip students with the necessary skills for a successful interview and grant them the opportunity to kick-start their career by gaining employment in one of our many national beauty salons or wellness centres. 




Over the course of the year, modular courses will be offered in the following subjects: Skin Care and Facial Therapy, Waxing and Threading, Manicure and Pedicure, Nail Enhancements, Make-Up, Permanent Make-Up, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting and Shaping, Electrical Therapy, Laser, Body Therapy and Massage, Anatomy, and Physiology and Massage Techniques.


Health, Wellness, and Fitness

The module in Health and Wellness is intended to educate those with an interest in exercise, fitness, nutrition, first aid, and client health management.



The business module is intended to educate those with an interest in client care, customer retention, communication skills, the art of retail selling and merchandising, stock level management, as well as business in the retail industry. 


Image Consulting

This image consultant training module is suitable for individuals wishing to develop an expertise in style and image consulting. Beyond physical appearance coaching, image consulting can also provide training to improve communication skills including the use of body language and the spoken word. Vocabulary, pronunciation, and general conversation skills may also be addressed.