Placecol is an authentic South African franchise brand offering that is more than 35 years old. Our Placecol Skin Care Clinics use technology that is scientifically proven to be safe and effective and that delivers visible results. The Placecol range of professional skin care products is a pharmaceutical grade, transforming and illuminating overall skin health. Placecol is committed to ongoing innovation, focused on delivering high-quality professional skin care products, treatments, and technology. 


Dream Nails Beauty

Dream Nails Beauty is a 30-year-old beauty franchise brand where true passion and dedication met to transform this original nail and beauty leader into one of the most desirable beauty franchises today. Dream Nails Beauty is committed to delivering high-quality beauty and nail enhancements by using leading nail brands in the industry, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained.

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Perfect 10

The Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio brand is a 13-year-old recognised brand in South Africa. The brand radiates modern elegance, placing a very strong emphasis on retailing only well-known international brands. Well-trained professionals are employed to guarantee a quality and value-added service offering.

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