Why this team works: Lego



“EVERYTHING IS COOL WHEN YOU’RE PART OF A TEAM.” “EVERYTHING IS BETTER WHEN WE STICK TOGETHER.” – This is the theme song to the movie. It is also reinforced in several ways through the success you see in the team efforts exerted in the film. Emmet, the star of the show, becomes the leader of the Master Builders.. It is clear that before Emmet arrives to provide leadership for the team, they are all acting as self-centered individuals who are failing miserably to please President Business. The movie and song emphasize that: “Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool when you’re part of a team, Everything is awesome, when we’re living our dream.” Every CEO and great leader realize that Teams win in business and life.

What the words from the Lego Movie theme song are really saying is: Always be a “team player.”

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE GREAT. Emmet’s whole world is built around the idea that following the directions is of utmost importance. Much like in our culture, Emmet’s “instructions” taught him how to do just about everything — wake up in the morning, do his job, greet his neighbors, who to listen to on the radio. Emmet was so good at following the rules that it zapped the creativity right out of him, making him less and less of a unique individual. You don’t have to follow the crowd to have a great life. Being yourself is something that is truly invaluable.

Strictly adhering to rules in a company can cause a company to sacrifice creativity. The movie teaches us that it can be a good thing to follow the rules, but that you need CREATIVITY and TEAMWORK to really thrive.