Imbalie Training Academy Launches

Old school smarts meet modern day brilliance.


Imbalie Beauty is proud to announce that the group is embarking on an exciting new venture with the launch of the Imbalie Training Academy in March 2016.


“The beauty and wellness industry is virtually recession-proof as seen by our many salon clients that visit us as a vital part of their healthy lifestyles,” said Debbie Wolfendale, executive director of Imbalie Beauty.


The Imbalie Training Academy is built on the success and experience of the Imbalie Beauty Group. Imbalie Beauty’s expertise in the beauty, wellness, and training industry offers students a refreshing, one-of-a-kind approach to start or further develop their careers.


Over the course of the year, modular courses in the beauty, wellness, fitness, business, image consulting, and life coaching fields will be available at the Imbalie Training Academy.

The Academy distinguishes itself from other educational institutions by its extensive academic and practical training process, which is implemented and monitored by the top leaders in their prospective fields and executed over four phases.


Phase 1: Our Theoretical Phase is taught via E-learning. This is an interactive, advanced campus-specific technology which allows our students to work in their own time and at their own pace.


Phase 2: In the Practical Phase, students are taught and guided by a subject matter expert. The trainer will not only impart their wisdom and experience on the students but will help them develop the necessary skillset and confidence to pass onto the Incubation Phase.


Phase 3: The Incubation Phase’s unique component gives students the opportunity to perfect their skills whilst working under the watchful eye of a mentor. 

Phase 4: The Job Preparation and Placement Phase will equip students with the necessary skills for a successful interview and grant them the opportunity to kick-start their career by gaining employment in one of our many national beauty salons or wellness centres.


We believe that our expertise in the beauty and training industry, combined with the extensive academic and practical training process, will help us reach our key objective to graduate confident, well-trained, skilled, success–orientated, and business savvy graduates. 


“We want our graduates to enter the professional world with the ability to achieve their dreams from day one,” said Debbie Wolfendale, executive director of Imbalie Beauty.


Press Release: Imbalie Beauty Marketing Department

Date: 12 January 2016


For more information on the training academy please click here.